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Flat Bed Printer Brings Added Capabilities

Dee Dee Simmons

FITTS invested in a new flat bed printer to better serve customers brand needs because the print world is making tremendous technological strides.  Advancements are being made in both the inks themselves as well as the equipment used to apply the graphics to the materials.  Latex inks are rapidly replacing solvent inks as they are far superior in many ways.  Advances in the equipment technology allow for a more crisp print with more vibrant colors.

In 2018, FITTS added a new printer to the growing family of equipment in the Print Division.  The flat bed printer brings exciting capabilities to our already vast array of print offerings.  The new flat bed printer allows for graphics to be directly applied to hard substrates such as aluminum, acrylic, steel, glass, and wood.   Prints can be applied on both sides of any material opening the door for greater creativity in brand efforts.  The new printer also has roll-to-roll capabilities like our other printers  so it can also print fabrics, canvas, panoflex, wall papers, wall coverings, and other such materials.  Samples of print products can be seen at: Print Products

Latex inks are used in the flat bed printer as is the case with all of our printers.  Finished products have a beautiful depth and richness that far surpasses traditional solvent ink prints.  Water based latex inks are safer for people and the environment than solvent inks which contained volatile compounds.  These compounds restricted where prints could be installed in the past.  Since latex inks are water based there is no off gassing in the process.  They can be installed in places where that option was not open in the past like medical facilities and dining areas.  Latex inks are also pliable allowing more branding options on dimensional shapes without cracking.  Latex inks create prints with a greater consistency in the print quality and finish.

The level of detail with the new printers rivals any prints on the market today.  Photo below of “wood” slats denotes the level of detail obtained when utilizing high quality prints.

Flat Bed Printer Wood Graphics

Printed Wood Cladding from Flat Bed Printer

Wood Grain Graphics

Printed Wood Grain Graphics


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