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First Modular Branch Installed

Manustruction™...the new way of modular branch construction

Dee Dee Simmons

The decade long vision of FITTS to build a modular branch in-house came to fruition in a beautiful and well-built 750 sq ft building through Manustruction™.   The Manustruction™  process combines the best practices in manufacturing with those in construction to produce a superior building in strength and flexibility of use.  It was thrilling to prove high quality modular branches can be manufactured and deployed in a faster timeframe than the conventional construction methods. This milestone allow us to provide greater value to clients by adding a new product line of modular branches to our current offerings of signage, ATM enhancements, branch components, and brand features.  FITTS can now offer customers an exceptional opportunity to elevate brand recognition by creating branches that become their brand.

Modular branch installation is relatively quick and highly successful. The entire branch is lifted with a crane while fully intact, placed onto a hauler, and transported to the location where the site contractor has prepared the foundation in accordance to FITTS specifications.  The building is set in place with the crane and accessory features such as parapet wall, louvered canopy, and lighted wall letters are installed.  For larger buildings, the individual units are bolted together on site.  The building is designed for easy utility connections once set on site with minimum requirements by the local utility crews.  This process also provides greater schedule control over projects.

Manustruction™ offers many benefits:

  • Building can be easily relocated to new site once construction is completed
  • Building can be depreciated over 30 years rather than over the life of the land lease
  • Superior customer service experience offered by simulating the experience of the new branch during the tear down and rebuild of a branch
  • Number of vendors at site can be decreased since all equipment can be installed in the building when deployed
  • Ability to use as a training facility for new hires when not deployed
  • Rapidly deployable for disaster recovery efforts
  • Can be utilized as a permanent or temporary structure



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