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  • Research
  • Consulting
  • Best Practice
  • Laser Scanning


  • Product Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Renderings
  • 3D Modeling
  • Shop Drawings


  • Prototyping
  • Fabrication
  • Integration
  • Quality Assurance


  • Project Management
  • Site Surveys
  • Permitting
  • Installation


  • Repair
  • Refurbishment
  • Inspection/Cleaning
  • Painting

Industries We Serve

  • Industry-Leading Solutions for Financial Institutions

    Financial Institutions have become increasingly competitive as banks and credit unions are confronted with rising regulatory costs and behavioral changes in the way people prefer to bank. These challenges create the need for strong branding presence to ensure superior user experience in the customer journey.

    Since 1998, The Fitts Company has been delivering turn-key solutions to financial institutions including ATM and self-service enhancements, interior and exterior signage, disaster recovery vehicles, modular ATM buildings and branch transformation solutions.

  • Branding That Elevates Your Retail Signage

    Did you know that 76% of consumers (8 in 10) said they entered a business they had never visited based simply on its signs? Or that 67% of the consumers surveyed indicated they had purchased a product because a sign caught their eye?

    Quality branding and signage solutions do not cost businesses money. Instead, they should generate more revenue and higher profitability. Contact us to learn how we can help grow your business through innovative and quality signage solutions delivered by The Fitts Company.

  • Trusted by Healthcare Professionals, Proven by Their Patients

    In a life or death situation, every second matters in getting the medical help that is needed. Hospitals rely on directional signage that is well designed, quickly understood, and highly visible so that it cannot be missed during times of crisis.

    Hospitals, such as the Mayo Clinic, has trusted The Fitts Company in creating traffic directing strategies to help patients navigate the exterior and interior of hospital campuses. Contact us to learn more how we can help with wayfinding and directional signage.

  • Helping Identify Your Business

    Signage is a bridge that connects your customers to your brand and defines your corporate identity. What does your signage reflect about your business?

    The Fitts Company provides corporate identity interior and exterior signage that generate brand recognition, creating a powerful first impression.

  • Public Entities Partner with FITTS

    Education institutions such as schools and universities rely heavily on signage for branding and to guide students around large campuses.

    The Fitts Company experience ranges from large traditional stadium signage to campus branding with traditional signage, digital message boards and custom ATM surrounds.

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