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Capabilities & Benefits of Latex Print

08 September 2022

11am - 1pm

55 Sirens Ln, Gaston, SC 29053

Latex printing offers extensive design implementation opportunities and tremendous health benefits. This course is approved through the AIA for 1.5 LU|HSWs.

Solvent-based inks often used in the printing industry are highly volatile and contain hazardous chemicals that will "off-gas" emitting chemicals that are dangerous to people and harmful to the environment. Vinyl also requires an "off-gassing" period especially when layering vinyl. In this course, we will explore the many capabilities now possible with latex ink as well as the environmental and health benefits of utilizing latex printing through the life cycle of the product. Latex inks provide a higher quality print than ones printed with solvent inks. Latex prints are also a fantastic option to traditional vinyl as well. This course covers application, brand consistency throughout substrates, environmental benefits, and health benefits of latex inks.

This course is approved through the AIA for 1.5 LU|HSWs.

Session includes a plant tour, hands on review of numerous prints on various substrates, and a live print demonstration.

Lunch will be served so please note any dietary preferences on your registration.

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