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Interview with John Katz

President at Columbia Fireflies    View Related Case Study

“FITTS is a corporation with a family feel which is something I like as a customer. I think their work ethic and capabilities will open more doors with us in the future because other vendors don’t meet the standard of quality we have seen with FITTS.”

John Katz

Please explain the design intent/inspiration behind the interior wall covering designs.

The Columbia Fireflies brand is, at its essence, Unity. Inspired by the spirit of unity displayed throughout the history of Columbia and a strong desire to create unity by bringing generations of people together at the venue, this brand element is displayed in both of the wall coverings. The wall coverings in the luxury suites pays tribute to the rich history baseball has in Columbia and the fireflies over the city scape in the retail store is a great extension of the brand. However, both parties realized a vendor strong print capabilities would be required to bring the design from conceptual renderings to actual products in a timely fashion. Sky Design then reached out to FITTS.

What were some of the reasons that led to selecting FITTS for this project?

FITTS had worked with SkyDesign on another signage project in Atlanta, GA. During a tour of the FITTS plant it was learned the extent of the print capabilities FITTS held with the new large format HP printer. Since FITTS performed well on the exterior signage project we thought they would be a good partner for this project. Since exterior signage would also be required along with the interior wall coverings they were a great solution. It was in the best interest of the project to keep the vendors to a minimum due to the time constraint. We also saw from our previous work together the attention FITTS pays to small details which is really important when working with interior finishes.

How would you describe the response time of FITTS to the project schedule?

Sky Design: We really did not think the wall coverings could be made and installed by the deadline from our past experiences with other vendors. We communicated those doubts to the Fireflies. FITTS expedited this project to the top of the production schedule and brought in many resources to meet the deadline so we could have the new wall coverings up for the All-Star game.

A great design requires precise execution in order to bring the desired intent to fruition. What is the impression of the spaces once the wall coverings were installed?

Columbia Fireflies: The wall coverings on the Club Level capture the essence of both our brand and the history of baseball in Columbia. This began with design and was matched by the quality execution of the installation. It is an inviting space that creates an exceptional ballpark experience. The quality of the prints make the designs come to life. The wall covering needed to match the painted wall and when you look down the hall you cannot tell which areas are painted and which are not. They also realized the door headers were not included in the print designs, went back to the office to print more vinyl, and came back the same day to install it. Customer service above and beyond. The wall coverings on the interior and exterior of the circular soffit in the store create a dynamic focal feature in the space. SkyDesign created a great brand element and FITTS provided products that exceeded my expectations in terms of both quality and timing.

As this was your first experience working with FITTS, would you consider utilizing them in the future? What types of projects would you explore?

Columbia Fireflies: This was our first experience with FITTS and we would definitely like to explore future interior and exterior branding opportunities with them.

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