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The Siberian

Model Number: 6500
Product Information

The Siberian tiger is largest and most powerful of wild cats, making it only fitting that the largest and most powerful of Tiger models share its name. Our Siberian is built to explore and dominate the most rugged of environments in any season. A larger cousin of the Malayan HT, the Siberian also features all-aluminum construction with insulation in all exterior cavities and a three-point mounting system for the coach.

The Siberian is available on either the Ford F550 or Ram 5500 chassis, and features the largest of Tiger floorplans. It can be configured without a generator, using AGM batteries, solar power, a Magnum heavy-duty inverter, and the truck alternators to provide power to its roomy coach. Siberians can be configured in either an all-diesel set up (with a turbo-diesel V8 and diesel-powered furnace, water heater, and stove tops) or in a gasoline/propane set up (with a powerful gasoline V10 engine and propane-powered coach internals).

Inside, the Siberian utilizes the same open floor plan as the traditional Tigers, but with even more room. The coach boasts a dry bath, a king- or queen-sized bed with a north-south orientation, and more storage. In addition, the vehicle comes standard with Corian surfaces, an entertainment system, bamboo cabinetry, and recessed LED lighting.

The Fitts Company manufactures the coach in our factory that is attached to the vehicle’s frame before they are sent to our partner, Provan Industries, where they sell to the general public. Visit Tiger Adventure Vehicles for more information and to purchase your off-road motorhome today!

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