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FITTS uses the highest quality LED lights for all illuminated letters set and signage. The manufacturing process for all of FITTS illuminated letters begin with one of our CNC routers.  Letters can be made from many materials and illuminated in various ways.

Illumination options for letter sets include:

  • Face Lighted Letters:  only the face is illuminated
  • Halo or Back Lit Letters:  lighting provides a “halo” effect around the letter as the face of the letters is not lighted
  • Side Lighted: the side of the letters are illuminated and the face is not lighted
  • Front and Side Lighted:  the face and the sides of the letters are illuminated

LEDs offer many benefits to other lighting options.  LEDs have a long lifespan, dim as they age instead of going out which provide more opportunity for maintenance without brand being compromised, and they more environmentally friendly.

LEDs come in white or various colors providing ample opportunity for creative branding.

Can’t find it? We build custom solutions.

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