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Affinity Federal Credit Union

Affinity members have access to a network of over 5,000-shared branches and nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. The credit union is a member-owned, not-for-profit, full-service financial institution that has been offering superior financial services for consumers and businesses with a member-oriented focus since 1935. Affinity’s consumer banking services include a full suite of deposit products, mobile and online banking, auto, real estate, education and personal loans.

Affinity offers a comprehensive set of products and services to support its business members, offering better rates and lower fees than most banks. Whether it is a new venture or a well-established organization, Affinity has the right products and services for each stage of business. Federally insured by NCUA. For more information, please visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Affinity Federal Credit Union, like most financial institutions, had to face the reality that traditional branch banking was becoming a thing of the past and we needed to implement change in order to survive.

We began our branch transformation journey by visiting multiple financial institutions, attending industry conferences, and learning as much as we could while we searched for the silver bullet. We introduced universal bankers early in our process and became early adopters of some of the newest self-service technology and incorporated branch automation equipment behind the teller line with cash recyclers becoming a mainstay.

As we improved our staff and branch processes, we realized we also needed to change the branch design to better utilize the technology we had invested in and so w began looking for the right partner to work with for our future branch format. The branch experience needed to bring us into the future, as well as provide a transition for our more traditional membership.

After a thorough screening process, we chose a design partner to help us achieve our goals and to differentiate us in the world of financial services. Together with Design Made, we created a unique branch design and sought a manufacturing partner that could turn our concepts into reality.


FITTS partnered with Design Made to complete the technical design and build out the branch. The design intent called for the creation of modular furniture with compound curves.

It was important that technology be integrated into the furniture to have a seamless appearance while maintaining the functionality of the machine. FITTS was responsible for taking the design intent from a conceptual design to the end product. FITTS engineers created a virtual 3D operational model for all parties to then review, which was put into production. FITTS was responsible for manufacturing 75% of the branch including:

  • ILT bar with integrated Assisted Self-Service technology
  • Teller line bar with integrated cabinetry & technology and teller drive-through cabinetry.
  • Tech Bar including monitor mount, benches & stools
  • Lounge area including video wall, bookcase and lounge seating furniture
  • Hospitality area including coffee station, fabric paneled walls and signage
  • Office cabinets, countertops and photoboards
  • Brand element wall covering
  • Intercept tables utilized for quick member engagement


Some of the benefits have included:

  • Increase in member satisfaction – measured through surveys of before and after transformation.
  • Migrated teller transactions to self-service, freeing time for our staff to focus on our membership.
  • Mortgage volume has tripled which we credit to hosting seminars and additional time our staff can spend with membership as the branch has become automated.

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