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Comparing ATM Surrounds and Wraps

That's a Wrap!

Dee Dee Simmons

ATM wraps are all the rage in the financial industry today. Banks and credit unions alike are throwing away their old lighted surrounds and toppers in exchange for brightly colored printed wraps. As a wrap printer, we understand the appeal latex ink wraps offer a client: bold branding over the whole machine and increased longevity compared to previous wrap generations are attractive. However, before you ditch the lighted surround entirely, you may want to consider a few things.

If the surround is visible from the road, and you want to drive business to your machine, definitely adding lighted features will increase visibility. We did a project for a national bank once comparing the activity of a location with a non-lighted ATM surround for six months then a lighted surround at the same location. Usage of the machine went up nearly 28% and drove their entire ATM branding program to fully lighted surrounds.

ATM surrounds are mentioned over toppers for the sole reason a surround doesn’t require a hole to be drilled into the top of the ATM machine. The toppers can be properly sealed to prevent water leaks but surrounds eliminate that concern all together.

One of the most effective brand programs we have seen is to wrap the front of the ATM and use the wrap on the ATM surround creating a win-win-win situation.
– Bold branding all around the ATM
– LED lighted brand features for visibility at night
– Access through the side of the machine preventing water leaks

Latex ink printed wraps with the proper protective over-laminate are a great solution to spice up your ATM program. Just make sure the new branding program is increasing your brand in the market and not decreasing your visibility. FITTS offers many suggestions on how to increase brand awareness through unique manufacturing techniques.

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