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FITTS Opens New Facility

New Product Lines Follow: Digital Printing and Channel Letters

Dee Dee Simmons

In December 2016 FITTS moved into a brand new manufacturing facility in the Calhoun County Industrial Park located off I-26.  The new facility brings a 133% growth in office and manufacturing square footage as well as 50% growth in acreage!  There is also room for future expansion on this same property.  The new facility provides an opportunity for new product lines that have been years in the making.  New product lines already being rolled out in the market place include channel letters and digital printing.  FITTS has purchased new letter making machine that will rival the quality of any supplier while cutting down on lead times from overseas.  Digital printing capabilities include wide format prints up to 126″ wide and hundreds of feet long as well as printing up to 26,000 sq ft of wall covering a day!

FITTS built the new facility for our customers.  In order to meet our obtain our corporate goal of providing customers with a consistent brand through quality products at competitive prices, a new facility was required.  Channel letters and digital printing of just two of the new products lines FITTS plans to add.  Work is already underway for exciting new additions that will revolutionize the industry as we know it today.

Plans to create 105+ jobs over the next five years are underway so now is a great time to join the FITTS team!  Check out our “Work with us” section to see how you can join this progressive company!

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