Diebold 9900 ILT Cladding

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The Diebold 9900 in-lobby teller (ILT) terminal combines the speed and accuracy of a self-service terminal with intelligence from the banks core system. It features a high cash capacity and a modular design: it can be installed as a free-standing unit, through the wall or integrated with a teller line.

The Fitts Company is a valued partner of Diebold and we have 3D models of the 9900 unit and have build speciality claddings for the terminal to be installed into any branch environment.Check our gallery below for various designs we have created for our customers.

Available options of this product include:

  • Internal aluminum construction
  • Multiple custom finishes available (laminate, veneer, wood, others…)
  • Custom counter top options (laminate, solid surface, granite, others…)
  • Internal frame secures to device
  • Cladding attaches to frame with catch latches
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